Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, I've still been scratching and clawing at making things work for me and trying to get me to be able to work for someone else.
I recently had some opportunities to brush off the old designing cobwebs and do some design work.
Started small, with a card for a baby shower for some friends, and then a logo for a production company for another friend, then all of sudden, I'm busy for a few days designing logos for a landscaping company, then for an insurance company, and hopefully more logos get to come my way soon!
It's be nice if I could make a living out of designing logos from the comfort of my home and get paid well for it!
On any other front besides the job front though, I'm falling short. I spend a lot of days in my city walking at the park, or downtown, or just in my apartment talking to people on line as I look for more work. Thumbs down.
I'm ignored by Keri constantly, I got to see Matt for the first time in three months two weeks ago and haven't spoken to him since.
I'm slowly getting depressed, but I can't give up hope. I can only regain momentum and energy and reach higher instead of getting down.
It sucks really bad, but what can I do but try higher?

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