Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unlucky at Labor.

The month has not been kind to me.
I've been rejected from jobs that I am indeed over qualified for, for jobs that I am under qualified for, and for the jobs where I meet the qualifications, no notice at all.
Let me just say that the business world is full of people that are not only unprofessional, but also downright mean and liars.
I've not been accepted to one job which would have not only paid me well, but would have also made me feel like I would have been making a difference in the world. Why? Because the last job that I had, the one which laid me off and told me on my way out the door that they would gladly give me a reference and anything else that I'd needed to get another job, don't hesitate to ask, never gave me a reference, even though I'd asked. Several times. A job which I'd had in Georgia? The President, the slovenly overweight and sexually harassing degenerate who brought me to a point in my life where I would consider going over the desk at another human being rather than keeping my composure, a man who I'd saved time and time again with technical trouble shooting, standing in the way when he'd yell at my boss for mistakes she'd make, and a guy who'd told me that whatever I needed, don't hesitate to ask, not only wouldn't give me a reference, but when I got the weasel on the phone, he told me he'd had a conference call and could I please call him back later. Which put me to voicemail as soon as I did.
A security job, which my military experience puts me as a shoe in for, was not given to me, because the company that was offering me the job, lost four or five big contracts and had to lay off seventy five percent of its work force.
The applications that I've been putting in, everywhere, are going unanswered.
I know that my unemployment benefits will run out soon. What then?
I'm an ex soldier, a college graduate, an accomplished graphic designer, and a very hard worker. So, where can I get a job that I haven't already applied for?
I need something to fall from the sky at this point.
I'm sure a lot of people do as well.